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De-RISK (www.de-risk.com) brings  a range of services including management consulting, training and executive coaching to identify and mitigate the risks in all key aspects of business, spanning enterprise, strategy, programme, project and operational risk.

De-Risk's Assumption Based Communication Dynamics (ABCD) is a formal methodology that enables the capture of differing knowledge and viewpoints from stakeholders, in a form that facilitates communication of issues, assumptions and ensures pro-active management of risks. A powerful web-based tool, ASSURE, provides true programme management risk, supporting limitless levels of projects in terms of hierarchy of risks and escalation between levels. 

As part of its offerings in Risk ManagementSTART[pm] consulting is uniquely positioned to bring the proven benefits of De-RISK to its clients through this relationship, leveraging experience and capbilites that have served major clients, including government, financial services, defence and manufacturing.